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From The Editor

Thank you for checking out the Hamilton Herald-News new web site!

When it comes to the news in Hamilton, you can count on our staff. No one covers Hamilton like the Hamilton Herald-News.

We like to say Hamilton is nestled under the “X” in Texas, where you’ll find the friendliest community in the state, what a hometown should be.

We cover Friday night football, when the whole community can be found down at Kooken Field cheering on the Bulldogs. We cover the schools, sports, our excellent hospital district and city, county and school government. We share joys and sorrows, and sometimes the sorrows are our own, because we are part of the community too. We live here, and we love Hamilton.

Sometimes the news is not good. We track down the facts and present them in a professional manner. Most times the news is good – student successes, celebrations of life events – all the good things about living in a small, tight-knit community.

With the purchase of the Herald-News, my partners and I had big shoes to fill, with a heritage that reaches back to 1876.

Grant Lengefeld, my husband Jamie and I purchased the paper from Kenneth Miller in 2014. The Herald-News had been in the Miller family since 1965, and they set a high standard for integrity and truth in presenting the news. We continue that legacy today.

We are proud of our community. We live here. We are your neighbors and friends. We hope you enjoy reading the Hamilton Herald-News!

Maria Weaver, Editor and Co-Publisher