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Jerry Siepert

Thursday, June 3, 2021
Jerry Siepert

Jerry Lynn Siepert, 69 of Hamilton passed away May 29, 2021.

Visitation will be Wednesday, June 2, 5-7 p.m., at Riley Funeral Home. Services will be Thursday 4 p.m. in Live Oak Cemetery.

Jerry was born in Clifton on Dec. 24, 1951, the son of Leon Gustav Siepert and Nelda Anna Siepert. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 1970 and earned a degree in Industrial Arts from Tarleton State University.

Jerry’s success in college was indicative of his no-quit character. He became involved in the powerlifting team and became one of the members that went on to win the 1972 National Powerlifting Championship. Competing against Nebraska University and Michigan State, among other colleges, the team’s unexpected victory was quite a celebration at Tarleton.

Later when Jerry’s father died unexpectedly, he returned home to take up where his father left off. He used his father’s and grandfather’s expertise to continue the small farm operation and over time fine-tuned his skills, even repairing his own machinery when he could. He understood the necessity of keeping costs down in surviving in the farm industry.

For near 50 years, he survived and raised a family solely on farming. At the time of his death, he still supplied hay to many customers around central Texas.

Jerry made many friends in his business dealings. He was fair in his prices and worked out any discrepancies with fairness and an open mind. People came to trust him, and business dealings usually turned into friendships, if only casual ones.

Jerry could never conform to life’s urgencies. He took his time and got to know people, listening to their needs and even to their stories. The demanding physical toils of farming never took away his smile.

This short excerpt of Jerry’s life could not come close to describing the man he was. Although not large in stature, his raw determination and unusual physical strength made him a giant. He was the man you truly thought “would never die” as the song goes. But God has taken him now to be among his precious saints. And who can argue with that?

Jerry is survived by his wife of 30 years, Katy; children Steven and Sidney; sister, Karen Bennet; brother, David Siepert; and many nieces and nephews.

His void cannot be filled but his fate is fixed. No doubt Jerry rests in the hands of God.