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HOP cuts one bus in Hamilton route

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hill Country Transit District last week confirmed that it is adjusting staff to continue services to its nine-county area at a reduced level.

The changes affect Hamilton with the loss of one HOP bus and two drivers, who were told at a recent meeting in Killeen that their positions would end Oct. 1.

“Over the past few years, contract revenues have declined, which recently made it necessary for the HOP to cut service and lay off some staff in order to reduce its costs,” said a statement from HCTD Administration.

“The HOP has made every effort to make the impact of these changes on riders as minimal as possible, but, obviously, some riders will be affected.”

“Dropping from two busses to one hasn’t been an issue,” said Hamilton Independent School District Superintendent Clay Tarpley.

“If we lose the one bus, it will be an issue for some families. If that happens, we may need to make adjustments for an in-town bus route.”

HCTD serves Bell, Coryell, Hamilton, Lampasas, Llano, Mason, Milam, Mills and San Saba counties and receives federal, state and contract funds to provide trips for riders.

“For many years, since the 1960s when the service started with volunteer drivers, the HOP was able to increase the amount of service it provided in order to meet the increasing demand for trips,” said HCTD.

“The adjustments that are being made will help the HOP continue its service to the communities, although at a reduced level.

“The HOP appreciates the support of all the communities and asks for and appreciates your understanding.”